Overcoming data security and privacy challenges with federated learning

online webinar

An online panel introducing the concept of Federated Learning, and the toolkit developed by the UK’s Digital Catapult to help businesses get started with the technology.

The introduction to Federated Learning was followed by a panel and live Q&A with the audience.

Here is the kind of questions discussed by the panel:

  • What are the GDPR implications for Federated Learning?
  • Is there an indicative ROI for federated learning?
  • What are the current limitations/challenges/bottlenecks in federated learning?
  • What are the ‘typical’ must haves/foundation enablers for organisations that want to implement federated learning?
  • Are there any potential future trends related to this technology?
  • Do you foresee any institutional or legal barriers to adopting Federated Learning across different organisations? What can we do to tackle these challenges?
  • What reassurances can we give to management/stakeholders about the security and robustness of Federated Learning?