Selected Publications

A pragmatic approach to leverage a pseudo-container technology (think Docker but without administrator privileges) in the context of large scale neuroimaging studies
Frontiers in NeuroInformatics

Recent Publications

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Projects DApp

OpenMOLE scientific platform, decentralised model exploration and parameter tuning on the network


Scientific platform relying on a workflow DSL to explorate parameter space and large datasets using High Throughput Computing environments


Scala library for accessing various file, batch systems, job schedulers and grid middlewares.


Imperial College London (UK)

Labs and tutorials

  • Computer Graphics: OpenGL
  • Functional programming in Haskell: Introduction to functional programming
  • Java: Introduction to the language

Student projects supervised

ISIMA (Engineering School, France)

Courses led

  • Software Engineering 101: Git, Debugging with gdb
  • C++: Unit Testing (gtest), Template Meta-Programming, Standard Library
  • UML: Design Pattern, Class, State, Sequence Diagrams
  • Java: Java 7, Swing
  • Distributed computing: Cluster (PBS), Grid (EGI)
  • GPU Computing: CUDA, SIMD architecture

Student projects supervised

  • Various MEng projects supervised covering GPU parallelisation
  • Some associated publications (1, 2)

MSc in Computer Science (Blaise Pascal University, France)

Courses led

  • Introduction to parallel programming with CUDA