Convergence of Blockchain and Secure Computing for Healthcare solutions

Frankfurt, Germany

Blockchains, crypto-currencies and smart contracts are three elements powering the web3 revolution to decentralise the Internet.

Together, they provide the necessary building bricks to construct decentralised AI marketplaces where data and models could be monetised by individuals and not just by large corporations. However, the web3 stack does not provide the privacy guarantees required to engage the actors producing data and models in this decentralised AI economy.

Once a data or a model has been exposed in cleartext to a customer, any mechanism controlling access to this piece of information becomes irrelevant since it cannot guarantee that the data or model has not been copied and leaked by a rogue actor.

In this talk, we’ll explore the state-of-the-art in Secure/Blind Computing that will guarantee the privacy of data or models and enable a decentralised AI vision.