GridScale is a Scala library for accessing various file and batch systems. It aims at providing a common interface to most distributed computing environments. It forms the service layer of OpenMOLE.

Another emphasis put in GridScale is that it should work with the minimal requirement that the user provides valid credentials to access the target environment. The design of GridScale is such that it does not expect any standard protocol or API to communicate with remote environments. Instead, GridScale relies on the most natural way for the user to access a particular remote environment (SSH, GridFTP, …).

An ongoing refactor of GridScale aims at leveraging a more functional design based upon the Free Monad pattern implemented in the FreeDSL library.

For the time being, GridScale supports:

  • Grids
    • Glite / EMI (for the European Grid Iniative - EGI)
    • DIRAC
  • Remote SSH servers
  • Clusters
    • Condor
    • OAR
    • PBS
    • SGE
    • Slurm
  • HTTP file lists

GridScale in the OpenMOLE architecture

This work is done in collaboration with Romain Reuillon.